Coaching And Corporate Training

Over the last five years I’ve delivered various trainings, provincially, nationally and internationally on various topics in mental health and addiction. One of my specialties is really helping clinicians help clients make changes, so dealing with resistance and dealing with resistant clients. I’ve also delved into topics like understanding addictions, understanding concurrent disorders, the mix between addictions and mental health, therapeutic interventions like hypnosis, NLP, neuro-linguistics programming and how that could easily enhance your practice. I’ve often helped agencies, over the course of the last five years, transform their staff into making more effective therapeutic interventions with their clients, especially with mental health and addictions issues.

One of my great memories of training was with my previous employer where I did work in Central America, understanding the impact of stigma and how to make changes with resistant clients in a Central American country. It was one of my most rewarding experiences that I’ve had in my career. It’s also taught me the important of creating an environment in which the brain is willing to receive information. Most of my workshops start with creating a spirit of change, because that is truly the essence of how to help clients make a drastic change in their life.

I hope you’ll peruse through this section. There’s a couple videos there. Also in the section, About Me, you’ll see some more video about my therapeutic approach. If you find that beneficial for you or the agency that you work with, don’t hesitate to give me a call and I will follow up usually within one to two business days, about how I can help train your staff to have better outcome with clients with mental health and addictions issues. Thanks so much for joining me today. I hope you enjoy your education on my website. I wish you health, success and happiness. Thank you.

What Makes People Change?

Hi guys, and welcome to today’s session. My name is Gilles Brideau and I’m a psychotherapist, hypnotist, and coach that works and lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Today I thought I’d do a quick video on what makes people change. The presentation is just a snippet of actually a full workshop that I do on motivational interviewing. I thought I’d just take a little bit of the key elements of what motivational interviewing is all about and how you can incorporate these elements to start to promote change.

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How to Choose a Mentor/Coach: Top 6 Human Needs

Hi, and welcome to today’s session. I am Gilles Brideau. I’m a psychotherapist, I’m a coach, and a hypnotherapist that lives in Sudbury, Ontario. Today’s session we’re going to look at the importance of why to get a mentor or a coach. I’m going to look at this from a very unique perspective, using the human needs psychology, the top six human needs.

The first need is the need for certainty. So what my coach provides me in terms of a level of certainty is he always gives me reassurance, not because of what is said, but because he has been successful and has applied the knowledge in real life. This is what I mean. Throughout my research and discovering, since that time, I’ve discovered his abilities online to produce. It’s not just based on theory. It’s not just based on the experience of listening to other people. I know that he’s applied his skills to provide him with a consistent six-figure income. The application of a skill provides me with a level of certain in the fact that I know I can look to this person to guide me in the direction of where I want to go.

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Gilles Brideau’s Clinical and Training Bio:

Gilles Brideau graduated with an Honors BA from Laurentian University, Sudbury in 1992. He completed graduate studies in 1998 with a Masters of Arts degree in Child and Development from Laurentian, and has been working in addictions since 1992. Gilles has worked in Inpatient Long-Term Residential (Recovery Home), out-patient treatment, assessment and referral, aftercare, youth, family and concurrent disorders. He has sat on the Board of ADRAO (now Addictions Ontario) as a regional representative and as an assessment and referral representative from 1993-1995 and again from 2001 to 2003. Gilles co-founded a youth concurrent group in 2000, a joint effort with St. Clair Child and Youth Services in Sarnia. Gilles worked for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health as a Bilingual Program Consultant from 2007 to 2012. He was the campus counsellor for students at Cambrian College for the last 2 years and has also operated a private practice in Sarnia since January of 2003 and has a thriving practice now in Sudbury since 2010.

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