Gilles Brideau’s Clinical and Training Bio

Gilles Brideau graduated with an Honors BA from Laurentian University, Sudbury in 1992. He completed graduate studies in 1998 with a Masters of Arts degree in Child and Development from Laurentian, and has been working in addictions since 1992. Gilles has worked in Inpatient Long-Term Residential (Recovery Home), out-patient treatment, assessment and referral, aftercare, youth, family and concurrent disorders. He has sat on the Board of ADRAO (now Addictions Ontario) as a regional representative and as an assessment and referral representative from 1993-1995 and again from 2001 to 2003. Gilles co-founded a youth concurrent group in 2000, a joint effort with St. Clair Child and Youth Services in Sarnia. Gilles worked for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health as a Bilingual Program Consultant from 2007 to 2012. He was the campus counsellor for students at Cambrian College for the last 2 years and has also operated a private practice in Sarnia since January of 2003 and has a thriving practice now in Sudbury since 2010.

Gilles Brideau est un gradué de l’Université Laurentienne a Sudbury en 1992 avec un Baccalauréat en Psychologie. Il a poursuivi ses études au niveau de la Maitrise, qu’il a complété en 1998 dans le programme sur l’Enfant et le Développement. Depuis ce temps, il a travaillé dans des milieux varies de toxicomanie et de sante mentale qui incluent les centres de recouvrement à long terme, évaluations, intervention précoce de courte durée, programmes en établissement, services en consultation externe, le travail auprès des adolescents, les individus avec des troubles concomitants et le soutien à la famille. Il était membre d’ADRAO (Alcohol and Drug Recovery Association of Ontario, qui est maintenant Addictions Ontario) comme un représentant régional ainsi qu’un représentant provincial pour le groupe d’évaluation et référence de 1993-1995 et encore une fois de 2001 à 2003. Mr. Brideau a aussi aidé à établir un groupe pour les adolescents avec des troubles concomitants. Ce groupe, qui était un effort commun avec le centre de sante mentale pour les adolescents at Sarnia (St. Clair Child and Youth Services) fut établi en l’an 2000. Gilles travaille présentement pour le centre de toxicomanie et de santé mentale (CAMH) comme un conseiller de programme depuis septembre 2007 et il a eu une pratique privée à Sarnia depuis janvier 2003, et a maintenant ouvert sa pratique à Sudbury.

Here are SOME of the workshops that I have lead/taught in the last 5 years:

  1. Motivational Interviewing (MI) teaser to 200+ people in the fields of Addictions, Mental Health, Probation, Legal, Youth, Aboriginal services, etc. for 3 hrs
  2. Taught Structured Relapse Prevention to 25 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) clinical staff – 1 full day
  3. Trained 320 staff for the city of Windsor over 8 weeks for 3 hrs
  4. MI training in London at the Community Health Centre as part of the office of International Health work 3 hrs
  5. Trained clinical staff in London Inter-Community Health Centre on how to work with difficult patient using Narrative therapy and understanding “The Game” of Addictions
  6. Part of Faculty team at Centre Francophone de Toronto – did the icebreaker exercise and helped in the competency development of staff over 8 weeks
  7. Part of the Faculty team of Training Enhancement in Applied Cessation Counseling and Health (TEACH) Franco – taught MI for 2 years – 2 hr teaser as part of the curriculum
  8. MI training in Toronto at the CHC (East End) as part of the office of International Health work – 3 hrs.
  9. MI training in St. Thomas – 2 full days
  10. MI training in Sudbury – 1 full day
  11. MI training in Ottawa for Distress Lines Ontario – 1 full day
  12. MI training in Sarnia for Distress Lines Sarnia – 3 hrs
  13. MI training to Social Workers of the school board – 1 full day
  14. MI training to CAMH staff in Mississauga – 2 full days
  15. MI training for the TEACH program at CAMH – 2 full days
  16. Teaching Structured Relapse Prevention to CAMH clinical staff – 1 full day
  17. MI training for South West Network of Specialized Care – 83 clinicians – 1 full day
  18. Let’s EAT – a presentation to parents on how families that eat together, stay together – 25 people – 2 hours
  19. Presentation on Addictions to the Opening Doors Conference – 3hrs
  20. Taught Fundamentals of Addictions to Ontario Works staff – Toronto – full day
  21. Taught the Mental Health and Addictions Course in French – 2 full days
  22. Taught the Advanced MI course – 2 half days
  23. Taught MI and Addictions course for the Office of International Health – 1 full day
  24. Taught MI in Guelph to Family Health Team and Community partners – 2 full days
  25. Presentation to Community Partners in Sudbury – 1 half day
  26. Hwy 11 corridor project – 2 full days of MI plus coaching in French
  27. TEACH in Sudbury – 1 full week
  28. Alcohol and Drug Assessment Tools training Sudbury – 2 full days
  29. Summer Institute” – faculty for Structure Relapse Prevention and MI – 2 full days
  30. MI teaser and Stigma work – Sudbury – March of Dimes – half day
  31. MI teaser and Stigma work – Sudbury – Crisis Staff – half day
  32. MI training to CMHA – Sudbury – 2 full days
  33. MI training to the HANDS Network – North Bay – 4 full days.
  34. TEACH training – Ottawa – 3 full days.
  35. ADAT training – Burlington – 2 full days
  36. ADAT training – Fort Frances – 2 full days
  37. ADAT training – Thunder Bay – 2 full days
  38. MI Training in Nicaragua – 2 full days
  39. MI training in Guelph – 2 days
  40. MI training in Waterloo – 2 days
  41. MI training in Woodstock – SW Network of Specialized Care– 2 days
  42. MI training in Barrie – Child and Youth workers conference – 1 day
  43. MI training in Davenport/Perth CHC – 1 day
  44. MI training in Toronto East End CHC – 1 day
  45. Advanced MI training – Waterloo – 2 days
  46. Stigma Teaser – Noelville CHC – half day
  47. Stigma Teaser – Laurentian University – 4th Year Social Work Class – half day
  48. Stigma Teaser – College Boreal – 1st Year Psychology Class – half day
  49. MI training to First Nations Counselors – Sudbury – 2 full days
  50. ADAT training – Thunder Bay – 2 full days
  51. ADAT training – Hawkesbury – 2 full days
  52. MI in Elliot Lake – 2 full days
  53. Building Capacity in Latin America – Stigma, Addiction, and therapeutic interventions – 3 full days
  54. Taught an online 4th year Social Work course on Drugs in Society – 12 weeks
  55. TEACH (Training Enhancements in Applied Cessation Counseling and Health) training in Toronto – 1 full week.
  56. Taught MI to staff in Owen Sound – 5 full days
  57. Taught MI to City workers who work with homeless populations – 2 full days
  58. Building Capacity in Latin America – 3 full days
  59. Taught Mental Health First Aid to over 80 Cambrian College Staff – 2 full days
  60. Ongoing teaching to Heart and Stroke Foundation on Motivational Interviewing -1 day training events -1-3 per year
  61. Training in Owen Sound – Motivational Interviewing Level 1 and Level 2
  62. Training in Niagara Falls to College Disability workers – 1 day
  63. Training to Cambrian College staff – Motivational Interviewing – 1 day
  64. Taught Interpersonal Communication and Trauma Response – 3 credit course
  65. Taught Abnormal Psychology – 3 credit course

** The training in #6, 7, 15, 21, 48, 51, 54 and 55 were also done in French. **